Saturday, July 9, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 9

Not much going on so far.  I've been up for almost two hours but I've only written about five hundred words. I've managed to do a fair amount of procrastinating, though. 

The impending trip to the tire place is making it difficult to concentrating on the impending Webcap vs. the Sisters of the Most Precious Chainsaw fight.  I had to go back and change a couple things to set up the fight.  Instead of a door blowing shut warning the nuns, I thought it made more sense to have Webcap accidentally knock over a plate.  I also had to go back and make sure Cooper left his coat behind in the condo when Debbie took him to the hospital so it would be there for Webcap to find the derringer in the pocket.

I'm still not sure about Detective Pope.  I think he's just going to keep showing up when I need things to get complicated. For now, anyway.  It would be easy enough to reveal there is no Detective Pope on the Gateway City Police Department later.

There's still some time before the tire place opens.  I guess I should take my dog out before I go.  Supplies are dwindling a bit so I should probably take care of that while I'm out and about.

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