Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMO - Day 20

So far today, I've busted out a computer program and interviewed two potential future teammates.  On the writing front, I have accomplished nothing thus far.  I also remembered that before I can do the big chainsaw fight in chapter 20, I'll have to watch the Darth Maul lightsaber fight in the Phantom Menace.  It's possible that if I free up some time this afternoon, I might be able to get chapter 20 written up to that point.

That's about all I have at the moment.  I'm excited about getting within shouting distance of 50k and even more excited about wrapping this story up the next few days.  I've got reading to catch up on, a short story to crank out for James Steele's Felix's Epic Journey contest, and ideas to throw around before I do all this again in August.

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