Friday, July 29, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 29

I was almost late for work this morning because I was trying to take pictures of two tiny tree frogs that were stuck to my back door.  Unfortunately, the humidty kept making my lens fog up.  I'm hoping the little guys will be back tonight.  They were awfully cute in an amphibious sort of way.

The more I think about Murder Lake Massacre, the more I think it might go all the way in August.  I've been chipping away at the nebulous portions of the story in my fleeting moments of spare time at work.  I've got a much better idea of the beginning and the ending now, though a lot of the middle is a big question mark.  I'll need to come up with a few supporting characters so I have something to work with when I jump back on the roller coaster on Monday.  MLM started out as a slasher spoof but it's morphing into something else the more thought I put into it.  It's actually seeming a bit more like Jaws in structure. 

"You have to close the camp grounds! There's a chainsaw wielding maniac on the loose!"
"It's my busiest season! If I close the camp grounds, my business will dry up.  What do you think this is?"
"I think you intend to ignore this particular problem until it chainsaws your ass off!"

The novella I'll write in my spare time, if any?  It's looking like Spider Girls in Heat at the moment.  I've decided to save Dukes of Alhazred for November so I'll have more time to come up with the plot.  I don't want to jump into a time travel story half-assed.

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