Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 21: Progress report

I got home today after not getting a hell of a lot written.  After walking the dog and sweating off about a third of my body weight in the 104 degree heat, I decided to break out the most nefarious of my strategies: No eating until the writing is finished!

Needless to say, food is the third most motivating factor in my life.  Books are the second and the first is the same as any red-blooded male's.

"So, what's your word count?" you ask.  Thanks for asking, by the way.  My word count is 3423 for the day, bringing my total wordage up to... 50,023!  I am now in the gravy zone.  I'm going to walk my dog and think about the next chapter, though I may celebrate by finishing the book I'm reading instead.

I have the following left to write:
  • Cooper's eating contest against Haruki Kanemoto, complete with Deathcap attack
  • The assault on Gray Coven headquarters and the summoning of the Nanomancer
  • The battle against the Nanomancer
  • The aftermath
I'm hoping to wrap things up over the weekend.  Since I only have four-ish chapters left, I think this is do-able.  Thanks to everyone for the encouragement so far.  I will continue to reciprocate as we all push forward until we do this crazy shit again in August.