Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 13: Time to Relax

I just finished Chapter 13 and reached 32916 words.  The slaughter in the diner was a tough piece to write.  There was a lot of "How many words was that?  It had to be at least 200.  Shit, it was only 29."  I got through it but I'll definitely have to tweak it later.

Tomorrow's writing will be Sister Mary Slaugherhouse doing some detective work tracking the surviving Deathcaps back to the junkyard and trying to stop the summoning.  If I manage to write some extra tomorrow, it will be the nuns and Cooper having a chat, followed by the nuns going undercover as Cooper's bodyguards and trying to fit in, which should be hilarious.

Until tomorrow, here's an excerpt:
The sound of metal crashing into metal rang out, audible even over the fighting. A handful of objects glowing as bright as the sun flew through one of the windows and rolled across the floor. After a second, Cooper realized they were road flares.
Deathcaps swarmed the front door of the diner, bracing themselves against it, but it was no use. Two chainsaws roared to life and cut through the door like chili through a nun, cutting through wood, flesh, and bone, until the door was cut from its hinges and fell inward.
Cooper shook is head in disbelief as the chainsaws idled and two nuns walked in, their habits blowing in the breeze.
"When there's bloody work to be done, the Lord always sends a nun," one of them said.
"Did you make that up, Severa?" the other asked.
"Yes. Do you like it?" Severa said.
"Quite a bit, actually," Hatchet said. "Ready to do the Lord's work?"
"I was initiated into the Sisters of the Most Precious Chainsaw ready," Severa said.
They clicked the blades of their chainsaws together and set upon the Deathcaps, chainsaws roaring.

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  1. Haha, I remember the torture of realising my 200 words was in fact only 29 or so...