Friday, July 15, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 15

I don't know what my dog's problem was this morning but I could not get her to go to the bathroom before work no matter what.  When I finally did get her to go, apparently she wasn't finished. She stood in front of the door and wouldn't let me leave.  I took her out again and she went to the bathroom a second time but not until after I took her for a little walk.  The net result was me being a half hour late for work and pissed off.  Luckily no one else is here yet so I can pretend to have gotten here on time.

I'm not really sure how long the chapter of Cooper and the nuns is going to be.  It occurs to me that the cops should show up to ask Cooper why his car was at Uncle Leroy's Diner with flat tires.  I should also reveal Tommy's true allegiance pretty soon, probably after the eating contest.  Timing is going to be sticky from here on out.  I have to coordinate the twists and keep in mind when Debbie gets back home and when the Grand Alignment occurs.  I should probably also figure out what the monster that gets summoned looks like before it gets summoned.

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