Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 12: The Hunger

I'm starving.  My salsa pork chops last night must have jumpstarted my metabolism.  Good thing lunch is only 30 minutes away.

Today has been pretty productive so far.  I've stolen moments here and there and have written almost 1600 words, the scene in the junkyard that introduces the Deathcaps, the part I should have written last night.  I'm feeling better about Sweating Bullets than I was earlier and if I can stay focused this evening, I might actually be able to pull ahead of my 2450 word per day goal.

Up next is the meeting between Cooper and the leader of the Acolytes of the Revolver, which will be interrupted by a Deathcap attack.  I can't have the old guy spill the beans about everything in the first meeting, can I?  I have to come up with a name so I stop calling him "the old guy."  It might wind up becoming two chapters.  I haven't decided if Sister Mary Slaughterhouse will show up to save the day yet, wielding her twin chainsaws like Darth Maul.  I'm really getting to the point where I should outline things.

Something that happened yesterday that I forgot about:
I was half-listening when I heard a co-worker tell a story about being interrupted by her daughter when she was on a converence call.  The daughter said "The fish had babies" but she heard it as "Fishhead Babies."  I'm definitely using Fishhead Babies in something in the future.

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