Monday, July 11, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 11: Interlude

I sat hunched over my computer, banging out word after word, pushing toward the daily goal of 2450 words, when she walked in, grabbing my attention like the claw machine I see kids feeding quarters to in the lobby of the gas station.

"Who are you?" I asked.
"A new idea you had on the way to work, Massacre at Murder Lake. It seems like the slasher is running amok but it turns out one of the campers is trying to summon some kind of Lovecraftian horror that's dead and dreaming under the lake."
"But I've already got an idea. Her name is Sweating Bullets and I've spent over ten days on her," I said.
The new idea stroked my arm. "Don't you want to work on me instead?"
I raised an eyebrow. "August. I'll work on you in August. Now get going. I'm trying to work here."
"Fine," she said with a huff. "See if I still want to work with you in August."
The new idea looked attractive as she stomped away from my cube but I fought the temptation to call her back and went back to writing.
I'd barely written twenty words when I sensed someone behind me. I swivelled my chair to find another idea, this one just as attractive as the first. She was wearing a low cut blouse and made sure I noticed.
"I suppose you're another idea wanting to seduce me away from Sweating Bullets?"
She nodded. "Is it working?" she asked.
"Almost but I'm in a committed relationship with Sweating Bullets until August at least. What was your name?"
"Spider Girls in Heat," she said.
"Really? I would have thought it would have been The Long Green Good-Bye, or possibly Death Walks on Eight Legs."
"August, huh?  I guess I can wait that long," she said.
"Well, there was this other idea..."

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