Thursday, July 7, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 7: Bedtime

It's just about bedtime.  I'm at 17068 words, just short of my goal of 17150.  I'm not going to lament the missing words, however, since I just waited out a tornado warning in my basement for an hour.  I think weather hazards are perfectly understandable.

As the first week of camp draws to a close, I'm pretty pleased with things so far.  While I'm well ahead of the official goal, I'd like to be ahead of my goal.  How the hell did I manage 50k by November 14th last year?

Story-wise, things are going very well.  Once I get Cooper out of the hospital, I think things are going to start moving a lot faster.  That reminds me, I have to think of a name for a character I'm going to be introducing soon.  The nuns continue to be my favorite characters.

Until tomorrow, here's another quick excerpt:

The Sisters of the Most Precious Chainsaw made their way down the hallway and discovered the TV room. Slate tiles covered the floor and the walls were painted a relaxing shade of beige. Shelves full of DVDs lined the walls. Small speakers were mounted around the perimeter of the room. Overstuffed couches formed a U-shape around the room's centerpiece: a seventy-two inch plasma screen television mounted against the far wall.
"That's the biggest television I've ever seen," Severa said.
"Not surprising. The only other one you've seen was fifteen inches and black and white, the one Sister Julia Marie used to watch her stories on while she worked in the kitchen. We had two TV's when I was growing up but neither of them was even half this big."
"It's almost obscene, the excesses in this house," Severa said. "There are more movies on these shelves than I've prayed rosaries."
"We'll be out of this den of sin and back to the old humdrum convent soon enough," Hatchet said.
Sister Mary Severa crouched to look under the nearest couch when Sister Mary Hatchet plopped down on it. "The sinners sure know how to live," she said. "I would marry this couch if I wasn't already married to Jesus."


  1. Dude. Tornado warning = for real excuse. I have a freakish fear of dangerous weather. Glad you're okay.

  2. I love that last line! Keep up the writing! Don't let any tornadoes stop you :)

  3. Thanks! The funny thing is I didn't know anything was amiss until my brother called me. It went something like this:

    "Dude, where are you?"
    "Sitting at my computer writing."
    "You're not in your basement?"
    "No, why would I be down there?"
    "There's a tornado warning and it's in Kinsey right now."
    "Shit, that's like five miles away. I guess I'll go downstairs."

  4. Great job on your wordcount so far! :)