Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 6

After going the extra mile yesterday, I only have to write something like 500 words to stay on track today.  I've already written half of that.  This may not be a productive evening for me since I'll be visiting my parents.  It's my birthday so I thought I'd come home from Camp for an evening and get fed.

Here's what I've written this morning.  I think it demonstrates the tone I'm going for without revealing a whole lot.  Enjoy!

Sisters Mary Severa and Mary Hatchet sat in the station wagon and stared at the front door of Cooper and Debbie's condominium, waiting for Debbie to leave so they could search for anything that could confirm that Cooper was the Bulletmaker the Acolytes of the Revolver had spent centuries waiting for.

Severa rubbed her eyes and patted the steering wheel nervously. "Our agent at the hospital said the woman Cooper has been living in sin with was leaving early this morning. It's already 5:15. Is she planning to sleep all day?"

"People who live outside the confines of the convent sometimes sleep as late as 7am, Sister," Hatchet said. "Besides, patience is one of the thirty-nine virtues our order upholds."

"You're one to talk about virtues. You used the b-word to describe Sister Mary Anvil in the past twenty four hours," Severa said.

"Bitch?" Hatchet said. "There's nothing wrong with Bitch."

"It's swearing. That's a sin," Severa said.

"Swearing's not a sin. Taking the Lord's name in vain is a sin. Nowhere in the Ten Commandments does it say 'Thou shalt not call a bitch a bitch.' I'd remember a commandment like that," Hatchet said.

"Sister Mary Hatchet!" Severa gasped.

"What? It's true," Hatchet said.

"Sometimes I worry that your soul is circling the drain and will soon be traveling down the pipes to hell," Severa said. "Must you always test the boundries?"

"Look, Severa. We're nuns, Sisters of the Most Precious Chainsaw. We're not saints. If I want to call people bitches and whores, who is it hurting?" Hatchet said.

"Jesus," Severa said.

"It's not hurting Jesus," Hatchet said. "He and I have a great relationship and I think he'd tell me if it was."

"No, I meant look over there. She's finally leaving," Severa said, pointing at the front door of the condo.