Monday, August 8, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - The Evening of Day 8

Well, I finished mowing but it seems a little late to start anything since I'll have to go to bed shortly.  Monday nights are one night that's hard for me to stay up late, after the whole Sunday sleep schedule screw up.  I hate to miss a day but my brain is already winding down as it is.

I'm about five hundred words into Chapter 8 and have a pretty good idea where it's going.  That's where I'll pick up tomorrow evening.  I figure Frank Marder, the mayor of Burnfield, will show up after the coroner leaves and while Horace and Jason are still investigating the scene.  I'm still not sure how the nuns are going to get more involved in the investigation since the cops are being hush-hush about it.  Maybe Jason will have a guilty conscience and start drinking, then go to church to confess or something.

I'd better get ready for bed.  My eyelids seem to be getting heavy.

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