Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 2: Confession Time

As you may have divined from the title, I have a confession to make.  On the way home from work, I contemplated chucking Murder Lake Massacre and starting Spider Girls in Heat.  I had no urge whatsoever to work on MLM and questioned my sanity at choosing it for my primary August book.

Fast forward a couple hours.  Fate seemed to be conspiring against me.  My brother called as soon as I sat down to write and talked for half an hour.  It was almost seven when I reluctantly started writing.

It's now 8:17 and I've just finished the second chapter of Murder Lake Massacre.  2369 words in less than an hour and a half and I'm actually fairly proud of it.  I came up with Sheriff Horace Nelson and Deputy Jason "Fink" Finkel on the way home and they practically wrote themselves while investigating the gruesome murder from chapter 1. 

Tomorrow's writing should be Ernie the Coroner telling the sheriff of his findings and letting him know he called the Gateway City PD for assistance, which will bring in Detective Pope from the last book, who will bring in Sister Mary Hatchet.  I'm beginning to get excited about Murder Lake Massacre after all.

Time to walk the dog and do some reading before bed.  I may be slightly over-caffeinated.

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