Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday at last!

If Friday was Jesus, Thursday would be John the Baptist, paving the way for him.

I had some more NaNoWriMo moments of uneasiness yesterday.  When I orginally came up with my plot, the ship was to be towed around behind some kind of giant space worm.  After some deliberation while walking the dog yesterday, I decided that the Silver Scarab will function based on being infused with life by the Insect King Mrakik.  Meriado Glitch, the magician who's conflicted between his devotion to science and his impressive magical power, will construct the Scarab based on notes in Selerak's journal.  I'm also toying with the idea of the Oligarchy seizing the Scarab at the end and making a small army of them that will show up in one of the sequels.

Looks like I'm going to Los Straitjackets and Big Sandy tonight.  I'd better schedule tomorrow off.

That's about all the material I have at the moment.  Until next time, here's Shoggoths and Sherry, a short story I wrote a couple years ago.

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