Monday, October 18, 2010

The Monday Morning Haze

Yeah, 4:30 came really early today.  Belle kept waking me up last night.  I think her allergies are bothering her.  I also had two NaNoWriMo-related dreams.  Luckily I had some Earl Grey in the house to give me a boost until I got to work.

Speaking of work, I'm on call again this week.  That, coupled with the implementation I've got at an undetermined time later in the week, may leave me unable to attend Los Straitjackets and Big Sandy Thursday.

Not all is lost, however.  I came up with the names and occupations of the crew of the Silver Scarab on the way to work, taking care not to give any of the main characters names that start with the same letter.  I read the Murderer Vine yesterday and there were three characters named Tom or Thomas.  Talk about irksome...

I think I'm in good shape for NaNoWriMo other than crafting my emergency list.  Still, I've got two weeks left.

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