Sunday, October 31, 2010

NaNoWriMo - Less than 12 Hours

Since rising from my slumber around 7:30, I've been taking care of annoying tasks.  I've finished up my leaves (as finished as they're getting until the rest of them fall, anyway), put on new windshield wiper blades, and attempted to put in a new headlight bulb for half an hour before giving up.  I'll be letting the pro's handle that one.  The instructions in the owner's manual of my Cobalt suck pretty hard.  I figured I could probably do it but I'd have to leave my burning piles of leaves unattended for too long.

Did I already mention I'm working from home tomorrow in the hopes that I'd be getting my water heater installed?  If they don't, I might have to leave the back door unlocked and talk the parents into keeping Belle one day while I'm at work.  My dad said he'd do it but I feel bad having him spending a day doing it.

NaNoWriMo kicks off in less than half a day.  Since I'll be working from home tomorrow, I'll be getting up at my normal time and squeezing in some writing before I start working for the day.  I'm not feeling as confident as I was last week, before everything at my house started breaking down at the same time.  Still, I should be able to hit 50k.  I'll probably be working until December 15th to finish my story like last year.

Carrie and I are slated to hand out candy in Farmington tonight at her parents's house.  She's got another sinus infection so we might end up watching Community at her house instead.

Better go tend the fires.  They'd better be done by 2.

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  1. ugh, burning leaves is illegal here. So we will be hiring someone this year to take care of ours, since we no longer have a truck to haul them to compost.
    The trick, now, is to hold off until all the leaves have fallen