Thursday, October 14, 2010


Eighteen more days until the Nanopocalypse is upon us.

I had some ideas in the shower this morning and had to write them down before work.  Mostly red herrings but they'll give the plot a bit more depth.  I think I might write a little in the upcoming weeks to get the old writing gears turning again.  Like Selerak's voyage to the moon seventy years ago that drove him insane...

Carrie came over last night and we made taco pizzas.  They were quite something.  I should have taken pictures of them.


  1. Ok, you've got me. Who was Selerak?

    Also, red herrings are the lifeblood of nano plots, if I remember rightly. :)

  2. The Selerak story is background material for this year's nano. Without giving too much away, Selerak was the last member of the Confederation of Magicians who attempted to visit the moon. He came unglued by what he learned and spent the rest of his days gibbering about giant spiders.

    Last year I stuck an obvious traitor in the midst of my characters so no one would suspect the other traitor down the road.