Friday, July 26, 2013

The Writing Bug

The writing bug has been gnawing at my brainstem for the past couple weeks.

I have a character I want to use and the world he inhabits but I can't decide what story to tell with him.  I love the idea of a world resembling Edwardian England, complete with British Empire, but with magic.  And an air force of magically enhanced aerostats.

I'm also long overdue to start revising Between Hell and a Hard Place.  Too bad reading is way easier than writing.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The World is Mine! 3 properties I'd like to see licensed for Kindle Worlds

With Amazon's announcement of Kindle Worlds, their licensed fan fiction platform, I couldn't help but think of several properties I'd like to write for if the author licensed his creations.

  1. Philip Jose Farmer's World of Tiers:  PJF's universe lends itself to all kinds of adventure possibilities.  Even apart from the World of Tiers itself, all of the pocket universes created by the Thoans would be fair game.  Jadawin and Kickaha have had lots of adventures not chronicled in the series' six books (I'm not counting Red Orc's Rage) and PJF liked telling stories using other people's creations.  I think he'd be down for this if he were still among the living.
  2. Spelljammer - This extinct Dungeons and Dragons setting has long captured my imagination.  I'd love to write a story of magic-powered wooden sailing ships flying in the space between worlds encountering all manner of strangeness.  Also, It's been too long since Giant Space Hamsters gnawed there way through pages of rollicking adventure!
  3. The Dark Tower - First off, the Dark Tower is my favorite epic of all time.  So why would I want anyone, even me, dipping their big toe in the waters?  Simple: Roland has been through countless iterations of his quest, each one ending in failure.  This gives the setting the ultimate get out of jail free card in regard to continuity.  Roland missing a leg?  That was a different iteration of the quest.