Sunday, June 2, 2013


I am now on the Twitter.  My handle is @DanSchwent.  Dantastic and everything else I tried was taken.

  1. For most of June, I'm interviewing the Forbes 25 reviewers from Goodreads (or reasonable substitutes.)  Check it out at Shelf Inflicted.
  2. I've discovered I'm a book hoarder rather than a book collector so I'm cleaning house!  I got rid of over 100 books yesterday and I'll be doing the same thing again in a couple weeks.
  3. The phrase "Kill the boy so the man might live" from Game of Thrones keeps resonating in my brain.  Consequently, I'm trimming the fat as far as possessions go.  My gf and I will be living together fairly soon and I need to clear the way before I roll out the red carpet.
On a parting note, here are some recent pictures: