Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ten Things I Want to Accomplish Before NaNoWriMo

November 1st is only a few short days away.  Here are ten things I want to do before then.
  • Finish reading A Touch of Death by Charles Williams
  • Finish reading The Nomad of Time by Michael Moorcock
  • Finish watching season 1 of Community
  • Give my leaves another go round and burn them
  • Get rid of the red wasps in my front gutter
  • Test my new iRobot Scooba
  • Haul my two stacks of books down to the used bookstore for store credit.
  • Flesh out my outline for Wandering the Web of Worlds
  • Add more items to my emergency list
  • Take more fall pictures while I'm still allowed to go outdoors
One thing that about NaNoWriMo that saddens me a bit is that my quest for a spot in the top 50 of all time on Goodreads will have to be put aside.  I'll lose some ground but it's for the best. 


  1. I got into Community late in the first season, and now it's one of my favorites. I gotta get the DVDs and watch all of season 1. The paintball episode had me howling.

  2. Along with Modern Family, it's one of my two must watch shows. I came in about halfway through the first season. We're on disk three of four now.

  3. i think all of those things are completely feasible. Good luck!

  4. I finished A Touch of Death at lunch. That's one down right there.