Saturday, October 23, 2010


I must have tried to start a NaNoWriMo related blog entry five times today but kept coming up dry.  Not much thinking about writing happened today.  It was unseasonably warm and beautiful outside.  I managed to start my emergency list, or my NaNotes, as I'm now calling them.

Since there isn't much new on the NaNo front today, I'll take this time to mention that I've got two more free books on deck to review.  While none of the ones I've received so far were terrible, I'm afraid I'll get such a book in the near future and the ensuing shit storm will cause a blockage in my free book pipeline. 

After my love affair with Boondock Saints, it pains me to say that I disliked Boondock Saints II so much I didn't make it past the forty minute mark.  It felt like a parody of the original more than anything else.  It was shot different, there were too many new characters, and the boys were ten years older and looked fifteen or twenty years older.  It just goes to show you that some sequels should never be made.

Is it too early to be thinking Post-NaNoWriMo?  The next project will definitely be a small town crime novel. 

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