Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Twenty more days.

Cancel the panic attack, Gertrude!  I have had a break through!  Yesterday, while walking my eager hound, I had a few good ideas I need to work into my overall plot.  I figured out a few more whys and wherefores of the story.  Sometime in the next two weeks, I'll need to finallize some names and throw a few things on the "In-Case-of-Emergency-Break-Glass" list but I think I'm in a good place.  I'm also going to work the line "The Confederation of Magicians would never knowingly clutch a scorpion to its breast, unlike certain fairy tale wizarding schools," into things.

Sakaar, the city on the back of a colossal spider, is taking shape although I don't know how long the gang will actually be there.  I'm thinking the city will be largely dependent on an idol that dispenses food and drink every 3.5 days.  The idol will be under control of some kind of demented clergy.  As if there were any other kind...

So how about those trapped Chilean miners?  That's got to suck.

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