Friday, April 25, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo progress report

I pushed past 60,000 words in my rewrite of Between Hell and a Hard Place yesterday.  Right now, I'm struggling with getting a car out of the police impound lot but I'm very pleased with the second draft so far.

I'm really glad I added Otis Reed and Nick Ambrose and took out the hacker character from the first draft.  The Parker family (the Brissette family in the first draft) is much more sordid.  I'm not sure that I'm not changing who the killer is at this point.  I only have five or six chapters of old material to edit/adapt but there are some new things I have to add.  The old draft was 75,000 words and I'm thinking this one is going to be around 80,0000.

I'm going to shoot for having this draft completed by Wednesday but we'll see.  The weather has been really nice lately so it's hard to stay inside.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 7

Camp did not start well.  I wrote 1000 words on the first day before deciding I hadn't done nearly enough prep for the story I had in my head.  I pulled the plug.  However...

... I dusted off Between Hell and a Hard Place and have been furiously editing it for the past few days.  I took out one supporting cast member, added another, and switched some locations around.  I've also got another suspect, which is going to make the story veer off into Parts Unknown fairly soon.  Oh, and I'm changing the vaguely Russian drug dealers into redneck meth dealers.  I'm flying high at 40k, which sounds like a lot but only 10k are actually new words.  Since I don't plan on claiming any prize goodies, I'm counting myself as a participant anyway.