Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Leaf Report

So I finally stopped procrastinating and jumped on the mower about 10:30.  Here we are, three hours and some change later.  The yard is 2/3rds of the way done and I'm quitting for the day so I'm not tired when I go over to Carrie's later.

It turns out that if you don't let them get rained on, the bagger never jams and the job goes a lot faster.  It's too windy to burn so they're staying put for now.

The main reason I blogged, however, is to display a particular photo...

The Dirt Mustache!  All bow before it's majesty!  It sort of makes me want to grow a real one.


  1. I sympathize. I logged about 4 hours on leaves and mowing today vs. my usual 1 hour for mowing and weed eating. 17 large lawn bags because too many leaves had fallen over the last week for me to mow/mulch up. I didn't even get a good dirt mustache but my arranged itself into a sweat mohawk once I finally took my hat off.

  2. Next time, I'm wearing a hat. I should have taken a picture of the filthy bathtub after I took a shower. How big is your yard? I've got five acres and a fucktillion trees.

  3. My yard isn't huge, but we live in an old neighborhood with tons of old trees. I've got two in the front and one in the back. Even though the back yard is bigger, the build-up in the front just gets crazy because there's only one and there's a fence back there to prevent yard to yard pile-ups.

  4. NO man should EVER willingly wear a porno mustache...unless they're the cop in the Village People. And even then, no. No good comes from sporting a mustache. But I love that you shared your dirt mustache. :)

  5. I HAD to share the mustache. It was pretty impressive. Someone on facebook said I looked like I should be tying a woman to a set of railroad tracks.

    My girlfriend already put the kibosh on the mustache last night, btw. I think she said something like "You can do whatever you want but I have a feeling your lifestyle might experience some hiccups."