Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The End

NaNoWriMo is swiftly coming to a close.  As of press time, I am at 81k.  I'm well short of my somewhat crazy 100k goal but I've learned a lot.  I'm halfway through chapter 32 and am back on track.  For now anyway.

What I've learned about myself this November:
  • There has to be balance.  If I spend all of my time writing, I start getting somewhat cranky.
  • I have to pace myself.  Better to take 6-8 weeks to do 100k than burn out on week 3.
  • Plan, damn it!  Plan!  My lack of preparation was part of my downfall this year.  I didn't think about the characters enough until it was a bit too late.  That's what subsequent drafts are for.
  • Read AND write.  If I don't have words coming in, it's harder to maintain the stream of words coming out.
In other news, the 12 Beers of Christmas beer exchange kicks off tomorrow.  I intend on reviewing all 12 beers I receive as I receive them, as readers of my previous blog may remember.

I'd better get back to my writing.  I want to hit 83k before NaNoWriMo officially ends.


  1. 83K is still pretty effing awesome.
    Congrats on a job well done!

  2. Thanks. Congrats to you too. If you're up for 50k in January, let me know.