Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4 - Conclusion

Depriving myself of food and limiting my TV watching to Community helped quite a bit.  I finished chapter 5 and got about halfway into chapter 6.  I'm ending the day at 13,900 words.  Not bad for a day that was agony for the first half.

I'm hoping to have the ship completed and ready to go by the end of chapter 7 but judging how Fenlock's trial went, it might be chapter 8.  I think once I get the ship ready, the old outline will need some fine tuning.

In other NaNo news, Reverend Horton Heat makes some good writing music.


  1. i had to fine tune some of my outline yesterday, but so far things are going good.

  2. While my writing is going well, the story itself isn't moving as fast as I was thinking it would. It might be chapter nine before I get them into space.