Friday, November 26, 2010

People read this?

A few days ago, I was over harsh in my criticism of Max Allan Collins' Nolan character, mostly for comedic effect.  Who knew Collins himself would read it?  I feel like a douche now, especially because I love his Quarry books.  Sometimes I forget anybody can read my blog.  I'd like to apologize to Max Allan Collins now and thank him for the hours of entertainment I've had reading his Quarry books and pushing them on other people.

Time to fire up the Scooba and see if I can get my foot the rest of the way out of my mouth.


  1. Apology accepted, and appreciated.

    There was a period (a long period) where Don wasn't writing Parker, and word got around about the Nolan books among Richard Stark fans. I took a lot of pride that those fans would advise each other, "When you run out of Parker novels, get the Nolans." Don used to say I was the Jayne Mansfield to his Marilyn Monroe, and I would correct him and say, "More like Mamie Van Doren." He liked that gag. He sometimes called the Nolans the methadone to his heroin.

    Dan, if you've never read SPREE, you might enjoy it. The first five Quarrys were just reprinted by Perfect Crime (available at Amazon) and if those do well, the Nolans may follow.

  2. Those Quarry reprints are definitely good news. Do you have any idea how hard to find the Quarry and Nolan books are these days? I think I paid $25 for Primary Target used.

  3. The Quarrys are rare in both the original Berkley editions and the later Foul Play Press ones.

    Careful -- PRIMARY TARGET has been retitled QUARRY'S VOTE. In any case, the five books look really nice, thanks to the covers by my MS. TREE artist, Terry Beatty.