Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Uphill Climb

If the past few hours are going to be any indication, the next 10-12 chapters are going to take all month.  Maybe I should just slam out the Fenlock chapters and the ending and call it a draft.

The lack of depth to many of my characters became apparent yesterday when Theresa, one of my co-workers who's been reading almost as fast as I can write, said Fenlock was the only character she felt like she knew.  I'd had similar feelings before.  Again, I think I might have too many characters.  At least Fenlock's not letting me down. 

I'm definitely going to rethink the occupations of some of the supporting characters before I start the first draft.  The problem I'm having with having so many magicians is that its hard to create plausible threats.  I expect the writers of The Justice League have felt the same way in the past.

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