Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Al, Why haven't I leaped yet?

Anyone who knows where the title comes from will be awarded a Dangerous Dan Dollar.  Once you've accumulated 500 Dangerous Dan Dollars, you'll receive a free tote bag.  It's been used quite a bit but you can still carry books around in it.

I finished the moon chapters last night and smoothed over enough of the wrinkles the changes caused to be able to begin forging ahead once again.  Judging by the required number of words on my calendar, I still might be able to hit 100k by the end of the month.

Not much else to report since I haven't done much besides writing and going to work lately.  I did decide that unless the next Dresden Files book knocks me on my ass, that will be the last one I read.  They're fun but pretty formulaic and since Butcher's planning another ten before wrapping it up with a trilogy, I don't think the back story is going to ever advance at the pace I would want it to.  We'll see, though.  I said that last time.


  1. Haha, good old Scott Bakula. You can keep the tote bag, though.

  2. Don't get ahead of yourself. You still have 499 Dangerous Dan Dollars to earn before you get the tote bag. It's full of mini-comics that came with various action figures during the 80's at the moment.