Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNoWriMo - Day 3 Mid-Morning report

NaNoWriMo continues to march on. 

I'm currently at 9067 words and hoping to hit 10k by the end of the day. Chapter Four is at 50%.  I think the real meat of the story will begin around Chapter Five or Six. 

In other news, I once again have hot water and keep getting distracted by the novelty. The plumber showed up at 7:30 and was done by 9.  The writing before he showed up was a lot easier than the writing after.  I've decided to take a break and go out for supplies. 

Getting away from my computer for a couple hours should help me figure out how to do the rest of Chapter Four.  I'm thinking Fenlock will get herded to a secluded place by hounds and taken into custody by Rannon Claw, the Hexhound, and dragged back to Malvernia to pay for his actions.

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