Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 16 - Still on the Moon

Well, the moon chapters are shaping up.  I'd estimate about 2500-2800 words left, some of which will be dialogue pillaged from the previous verison.  Today's writing was mostly setup for the big battle in the next chapter, which I may write tonight.  After that, a bit of polishing before I can get on with things.

The new moon chapters have done a lot to flesh out the personalities of the magicians.  I never would have known Jochi the monk had a subtle sarcastic streak or that there was a bottle that trickled water continously once you uncorked it was buried miles beneath the salt flats in a tomb.  Too bad about them losing the cork...

I keep wondering how long I should let the story go.  I've barely scratched the surface regarding the Skinweavers.  How long will it take for Fenlock to bastard his way to the end goal?  How long will it take for Valaric and crew to finally find the Midar?  And how long should it take for them to return to Ur and have the rug yanked out from under them?  Decisions, decisions...

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