Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Two Chapter Day? I'll Take it!

Yeah, I was pretty productive today.  I managed over 5000 words and two chapters. The last scene I wrote had the crew finally leaving the Black Shell that contains their sun and planet.  The stuff I've been dying to write is coming up fast.

So the gadget on the NaNoWriMo website says I should be able to hit 50,000 on Sunday.  That sounds great except that I know I have another 50,000 words to go after that, possibly more.  I should ask it for more hours in the day.  As I've said before, I wish I'd either not deleted my MySpace account or archived some of the useful entries.  How was I doing at this time last year?  I think I hit 50,000 on the 17th or 18th last year and only finished my story sometime in December.

I see how much I've written in the past ten days and it kind of makes me sad.  I think this year was one of my least productive, writing-wise.  Other than the 5000 words of The Gravedigger's Promise, I don't think I wrote anything apart from blog entries.

Man, a lot has happened to me since this time last year.  I've devoured much of Richard Stark's Parker series, discovered Hugh Cook, re-read Dying Earth after ten years, and had a couple people important to me die.  I've been to several states I've never been to before, have seen the Slackers and Los Straitjackets again, and have taken thousands of pictures.  A lot happens in a year.

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  1. A lot does happen in a year. I am not a writer, nor do I profess to know a thing about it. I DO know that I have devoured every word you have written and posted on goodreads. I think what you have done this year is awesome.