Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 7

So much for getting up at 4:30.  It was almost 6 by the time I rolled out of bed and nearly 7 before I started writing.  I got through chapter 9 and I'm at 23,312 words.  My first impulse was to jump right into chapter 10 but I decided walk my dog and take care of some housework I've been neglecting.  My brother and his wife are coming to my parents' today so I'll be taking my lunch over there.  I'm hoping I'll be able to do another chapter this evening.

The next chapter is Fenlock heavy so it will probably go pretty well.  I finally have all the magicians in the same place and, at last writing, the Silver Scarab just flew into the sky.  It's been a pretty good couple hours.

It seems irrational to be worried about falling behind at this stage in the game but I really want to be finished with the story by November 30th if possible.  I think it could go 120k, possibly more.  I really need to do some work on that outline once chapter 10 is in the can.  I was planning on having some kind of tiger man meet them on the moon but I'm going with a tanjar instead.  For those who don't know, i.e. everyone but me, the tanjar are a humanoid race resembling red and white pandas.  They're mostly merchants.  The tanjar the crew encounters, Bregik, will serve as a guide once the crew leaves familiar territory behind.  I still haven't figured out where Fenlock ditches the crew but I've got a few ideas to pick from.

I'd better get going on the housework I mentioned.  The dishes aren't going to wash themselves.  Besides, I'm running out of coffee cups.

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