Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Morning, NaNoWriMo Day 6!

Yeah, so my plan to get up at the normal 4:30 didn't quite work out.  While my alarm went off, I got up, started the coffee maker, and went back to sleep.  It was closer to 5:45 when I started writing.  I managed 1200 words so far, completing Chapter 7.  The Silver Scarab has made its first appearance.  Today's writing goal is to get Chapter 8 in the can and start on Chapter 9.  So far, my only plans for the day involve taking my dog to my parents' for her weekly exercise but that could expand to include a trip to the bookstore and some grocery shopping.  I'm hoping to be at 25k when Monday rolls around.  It still looks doable.

I'm hoping I can drag my ass out of bed earlier tomorrow morning.  I was doing well this morning until I noticed the time.  I'm planning to get to my parents' in time for breakfast so I should shave and shower. 

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