Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 26 - Changing History

The past couple days have alerted me that another trip through time to the beginning of my novel is in order.  With 33% left to write and a slew of changes I want to make, I think I'd be better off changing the past now rather than witnessing the future first.

As time travelers always so, I have a multitude of good reasons for wanting to tamper with history.
  • I didn't have a handle on Valaric when I started and that becomes more apparent with every scene he's in. He's pretty much a generic wizard character and since he's my lead, that's no good.  I've got some idea for him, like a fascination with technology, guilt over some deaths he may or may not have caused on the expedition to the tunnels at the north pole.
  • Ebeneezer Froad didn't have much of a personality when I started but developed quite nicely over time.  I'm going to give him more to do and more of mentor role to the rest of the characters
  • I want to speed up the first few chapter, such as the building of the Silver Scarab and the arrival of the other magicians.  It drags a bit as it is.  Also, it will flesh out Malvernia quite a bit more if I have Valaric in action rather than hiding out.
  • The League of Scientists gets a mention but no face time.  As I said, I want Valaric to be more conflicted about his role in things
  • I've got a few too many magicians on board and not enough for them to do.  I think if I shrink the Silver Scarab and combine the interesting aspects of some of the characters, the whole thing will feel tighter.  I think I can lose Jochi fairly easily and combine Glitch and Zephalmachus into one more interesting character.
  • More Fenlock.  I glossed over Fenlock's time at the Hall of Forty Seven Imponderables and could get more out of things with another Fenlock chapter.
In other news, I somehow lost quite a few words during validation.  Oh, well.  I'll figure out why sooner or later.

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