Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18 already?

Wow.  Is it just me or is NaNoWriMo flying by?  Actually, when I'm not writing it seems as if it's flying by.  When I am writing, it feels like a crawl across broken glass at times.

Well, I didn't make much progress today, only about 1200 words.  Good thing I'm off for the next three days.  I'm still on pace for 100k but I can feel the procrastination tendencies trying to assert themselves and I caught myself contemplating taking a couple days off at one point today.

I'm entering that nebulous section of my novel I was never too clear about, everything between leaving Nal Sakaar and finding the planet around the purple star.  I know there's a place called Sargasso, and I know what happens on the planet revolving around the purple star.  What's in between is up for conjecture and I hope my characters continue to clue me in on what happens next.  Hodak was kind enough let me know today that the Guild of Astronomers would probably know where the purple star was and I already know Fenlock plans on scuttling the Brass Barnacle once it gets close enough to Sargasso.  Other than that, I know the Skinweavers are on the trail of the main cast and Fenlock and Zora have to reach the purple star before the main group.  Should be an interesting next couple of days.

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