Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st: At Least I Made it Through March

I had neck sweat earlier when I was reading and it was taking forever for the house to cool down, even with all the windows open and the fans on. On top of that, the dog was acting really weird, much more hyper and restless than normal. After lounging in the basement for awhile, I just said piss on it and fired up the AC. The temperature in the house is already comfortable and the dog is sleeping. I'll shut it down before I go to bed but at least it's cool in here now. Still, it's a little ridiculous to be running your AC on April 1.

The second editing pass through Sailors on the Sea of Dead Gods is about halfway through. Aside from changing some wording and correcting a few mistakes, it's going pretty good. I'll probably comb through it again before I get the free bound copy from CreateSpace. After that, I'll look into submitting it.

Not much else going on. The weekend should be really busy some I'm planning on getting yard work done tomorrow. It's just sticks and the last of the leaves so it shouldn't be too bad. And in the afternoon, the last fish fry of Lent. Carrie and I are very excited.

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