Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snake Season!

I'm waiting for my Hamburger Helper to thicken/congeal. I didn't really want it but I need leftovers to take to work tomorrow and Thursday.

Reservations have been made for Carrie's and my vacation. We're both ready to go. Too bad we have a month to wait.

Got my hair cut today so of course I'm itchy as hell. Still, my hair should be in that brief two week window of perfection when we head south. I'll need another haircut shortly after we return.

Finally got Eight Million Ways to Die. Once I finish The Hook, I'll be able to resume following Matthew Scudder on his cases.

I saw a dead snake run over on the road today while I was walking the hound. It was a green snake about a foot long. I guess that means it's time to start watching where I walk more carefully when I'm hiking and walking the hound.

I don't hear the Helper sizzling any more. Time to eat!

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