Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Yeah, the last couple of days have sucked as far as the rain has been concerned. On the plus side, at least my bathtub got cleaned.

The hound and I headed over to the parents' earlier for her weekly exercise and my weekly breakfast. She ran around quite a bit but it never stopped raining for long... until we went into the woods and looked for mushrooms. Long story short, we got caught in a deluge and only found four. Wait, let me backtrack. We had to stay out of the woods until one because of turkey season. I found a dead bat on my parents' back porch. No signs of foul play. It must have died of natural causes. My dad blasted a big water snake while I was walking Belle down to the creek.

Fast forward to after the mushroom hunt. My mom presented me with a fraction of the bread-loaf sized cinnamon roll they brought back from the Machine Shed, a diner my dad saw on Breakfast Paradise and my brother got him a giftcard to. Was it worth driving to Iowa for? DEFINITELY!

I suppose I should do some laundry now. Not too many days until departure...

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