Sunday, April 4, 2010


"We're going to stop somewhere and neck on the way home."
"No we aren't!"

That's what Carrie's grandparents said as they were leaving her house last night. We had a pretty fun time at Carrie's parents' house yesterday evening. Carrie's mom had us hide Easter eggs containing money in the back yard for her dad's birthday. After his initial protests, he clearly enjoyed himself. Her grandma sure likes to talk. Her grandparents are like a funhouse mirror of our relationship.

Prior to our trek down to Farmington, I took Belle over to my parents' for her weekly exercise and my weekly mom-cooked meal. We didn't find any mushrooms but I took some pictures I liked and Belle rode the gator.

Easter lunch in less than two hours! I'm hoping we'll be out of there in time to enjoy some of the day before Carrie has to resume working on her homework.

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