Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trivia Night

Carrie and I went to a trivia night in Farmington last night with her mom and dad and two couples they know. Free food was plentiful, donated by local restaurants. The trivia night was 80's oriented and ranged in difficulty from pathetically easy to so hard we wanted to key the shit out of the car of the woman who picked them. She was sitting next to the host and looked proud of herself. I'd say over half of the questions were of the "What date did this happen?" variety, which I don't think is reallly trivia. Trivia is the name of the Ghostbusters car or the name of the cat from the Smurfs, both of which I knew. We wound up only getting 59 points out of 1oo... and winding up in SECOND PLACE. They asked us if we wanted to keep our prize money or donate it back. You bet your ass we kept it!

The first communion dinner I went to yesterday afternoon was pretty good. The potato casserole was awesome, the various pasta dishes were good, and the appetizers really hit the spot. Afterwords, Chris and Abby and I sat on the bleachers behind the KC hall and watched the kids burning off their boundless energy by chasing butterflies.

Other than that, not much else happened yesterday. Carrie and I are probably going on a picnic later today. It's too nice out not to enjoy it while we have the chance.

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