Tuesday, April 6, 2010


What god or goddess is Tuesday named after? It's probably Norse in origin but damned if I can remember. I only know it isn't Thor, Freya, Saturn, or Woden.

I have lost more weight since I last remarked on it last Monday. Not sure how much, only that my Sun Records shirt fits a lot better than it used to. My elbow has endured the workouts of the past two days with only minor complaints.

Carrie's working late tonight. When some guys' girlfriends work late, they go out drinking. I prefer to do mundane household tasks and cook things she wouldn't necessarily find agreeable, like white asparagus, for example. I'm such a wild man.

My original plan for tonight was to slyly invite myself over to dinner at the parents' and go mushroom hunting. Apparently pickings have been slim since Sunday. I'm going to wait until after the rain they say is coming to go over. Plus I had a feeling I'd be drafted into doing yardwork.

2/3rds of the way through the second pass at Sailors on the Sea of Dead Gods. I'm already planning on a third pass after seeing how many things I missed the first time through. In other writing related news, I'm debating on whether or not to have the girl in The Gravedigger's Promise being a nun or not. Not that I don't think a nun would be mean enough for what I had planned but it's a little far-fetched that way.

I'm in waiting mode again on the Scudder books and I've decided to wait until the next book comes out in may to resume reading the Parker series. Until I get the next Scudder, I'm working on my ever-shrinking backlog of stuff.

I'm making something in the crock pot tomorrow involving pork chops, onions, and root beer. I will be sure to report the results of the experiment ASAP.

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