Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Morning

I hope it doesn't rain all day. I have things to do.

Belle and I are both moving slow this morning. I think all the fresh air we got yesterday did us both some good. I saw her napping in the grass a few times, just like when she was a puppy out on the chain. Hard to believe she's ten sometimes.

I managed to hurt my elbow somehow yesterday. Maybe I strained a muscle? I'm debating on whether to attempt working out. I hate missing days but it's probably a good idea.

Finished Eight Million Ways to Die a little bit ago. Awesome, awesome book. Speaking of books, I'm in the top 40 reviewers on Goodreads for the fourth week in a row. I want to crack the top 50 all time reviewers one of these days but I have a ways to go.

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