Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vacation in 60-ish hours

It's getting really hard to concentrate on things not vacation related. I'm already semi-packed. It doesn't take much thought to throw whatever clean close you have on hand into a suitcase. I did make sure I didn't pack anything that I wore to Michigan last year. Otherwise it would look like I only have five tshirts. I think I have seven...

My boss asked me to keep track of where we stay and what sites we see on the upcoming odyssey. She said she and her husband have a hard time coming up with vacation ideas and just use other people's. I said we would. It'll be fun to keep a journal. I'm thinking about blogging at the end of each day if we're somewhere with wireless.

Picking out my books for vacation is proving to be taxing. Even though I'll probably only have time to read one of them, it's still a big decision. I'll probably end up taking the last four crime books I bought.

I'm getting close to my crime novel threshold, slipping the lingo into conversations and thinking about double-crosses. I think once Carrie's classes start back up I'll be able focus on the Gravedigger's Promise and get it written. Digger isn't going to solve the mystery on his own. Poor bastard has been washing the church windows for quite some time now. I should at least let him do some breaking and entering soon.

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