Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Revisions Continue

I'm on chapter 8 of the new draft, which will be 80% new material.  Valaric as a jack of all trades instead of a malcontent magician was something I should have done in the first place.  I should have the Silver Scarab in space by the end of chapter 10, just like in the previous version.  In this version, however, the ship isn't so large and has a catapult and a few ballistae for armament.

Once I get everyone in space, things should progress fairly quickly.  With two characters being snipped, I should be able to add in more character developing moments, something I felt was lacking in the previous version.  The battles will have to be altered but not to a huge degree.  I'm really excited about writing the new ending.

In other news, I decided to hold off on reviewing my 12 Beers of Christmas until I have all 12.  I realize this may put me finishing after 1/1/11 but so be it.


  1. Holy crap! You're already doing the revision? I admire your motivation!

  2. God, I hate revision. At least you seem to be motivated. I've been stuck on the same chapter for a week. Le sigh.

    You have my complete and total support. :)

  3. I hate revisions too but I need to do them to get to the ending. It sucks when you're 8-10 chapters from The End and realize you don't care about some of your characters and can't think of a satisfying ending.

  4. How exciting!~
    I am looking forward to finishing the first draft now that my class is over.