Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I finished the new chapter 6 today.  Tomorrow, the expanded trial of Fenlock and his adjustment to life in the Hall of Forty-Seven Imponderables.

As near as I can tell without breaking out my NaNotes, I only have three more chapters of new material to write before I can tackle revising chapters 10-32.  While it seems like a lot, I'm only changing the parts involving Jochi and Zephalmachus, neither of which got much play to begin with.  The battle scenes are the parts that will require the most work.  The ending is also coming together nicely.  If I'd only known what Branton Fen was up to when I'd started writing...

In other news, I've been reading a ton of crime again lately and keep thinking about digging up my Gravedigger character and attempting another crime story.  That will definitely require me to plot everything in advance.  I'd hate to get to the end of a mystery to find out I have no idea whodunnit.

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