Thursday, December 2, 2010

How does she stay in business?

There are three used bookstores on my way home.  One is in High Ridge and is just far enough off the beaten track that I don't go there very often.  People are allowed to smoke in it and there's a cat running around.  One is in Festus and is the one I visit once every week or two as it is splendid.  The third...

Well, the third is different.  Pam's Books is right off the highway but I still only go there once every couple months.  She has a lot of books but the place is unorganized, cramped, unorganized, expensive, and unorganized.  Even if you have a specific book in mind, you can't get in and out in less than ten minutes.

Anyway, I was in a good mood on the way home yesterday and decided to give old Pam a chance.  I'd like to tell you that I unearthed some rare gem or that Pam and I had an interesting conversation about eReaders.  Nope.  I got out of my car to find that Pam was closed for lunch.  At 3:45, the time many people are heading home from work and most likely to stop at a used bookstore.  There was a woman tapping her feet by the door but I didn't join her.  You'd think in these uncertain economic times, especially when more and more people are turning to eReaders, Pam would be wanting to make any sale she could.

I have some theories about how Pam stays in business:
  • She's a spinster and still lives with her parents, therefore she only needs to make enough to cover rent on the shop
  • She has a sugar daddy and it doesn't matter if she stays in business
  • She's a successful romance novel writer and runs the shop for fun.
Wealthy heiress isn't one of the theories since her parents are still alive and do all the heavy lifting for her at book sales.

In other news, don't give a dog leftover curry.  It makes them have to go outside to use the bathroom several times throughout the night.

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  1. yeah, the only reasons i can think of involve her being wealthy as well