Friday, December 24, 2010

Gray Festivus and White Christmas

In honor of the joyous holiday of Festivus, Carrie and I went to Old St. Charles yesterday and walked around.  It was a clear day and not too cold, around 40.  Pictures are forthcoming.  I was exhausted and after a supper of leftover pizza from Festivus eve, I devoured Queenpin by Megan Abbott and retired early.  Or tried to.  The sound of cats being intimate in my back yard kept me away for about half an hour.

Belle woke me up this morning around 5 to take her out.  A mix of snow and sleet had just begun to fall.  Fast forward three hours and I've got three inches of snow in my yard.  The hill has proven to be impassible by vehicle and the roads beyond the neighborhood haven't seen a plow yet, at least at the time of Belle's and my expedition twenty minutes ago.  Expedition pictures are also forthcoming.  It looks like I may be snowed in today.  Thankfully, I have enough beer, food, and reading materials to withstand the winter siege for at least two days.

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