Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

I've just finished cleaning and I'm listening to Chris Murray.  Feels like a good time to blog.

Belle and I went to my parents' for exercise again today.  She should be content until the weekend now.  Even though she's closing in on eleven, she still likes running through the fields like a maniac.  I took a few pictures and walked through the biggest spiderweb of my career.  It was about the size of the one from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I needed a mid afternoon caffeine bump so I brewed a pot of coffee.  The last thing I want later this evening is a caffeine headache.

Pushing through The Host this week has had an expected side effect: I don't feel like reading.  Every time I pick up Nifft the Lean, I veg and my concentration fades.  Hopefully I'll get my reading mojo back by tomorrow.

My parents' big fish fry in next weekend.  I'm very excited.

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