Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Slackers (and miscellaneous other stuff)

The first time I saw the Slackers in concert was 1997, that golden summer when ska concerts were as numerous as grains of sand on the beach.  Funny thing was I wasn't going for the Slackers.  I was going for Chris Murray, aka Venice Shoreline Chris.  Little did I know I'd be seeing quite a bit more of the Slackers as the years passed.

At this writing, I've seen the Slackers live somewhere between fifteen and twenty times.  I've seen them once in Edwardsville, three times in Chicago, and many times in St. Louis.  They've outlasted all of the clubs I've seen them in in St. Louis.  Collins Street Station is gone, the Creepy Crawl is gone, The Fire House is gone, Missippi Nights is gone, but the Slackers are still going strong.  They've been my favorite band for over one third of my life.  Sure, I've strayed a few times but I always come back.  And October 3rd at the Firebird, I'll see them again.

In other news, is it wrong to start a second blog, a book reviewing blog, just so eventually people will send me free books?

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