Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It Happened Again

Yesterday while I was getting groceries at Schnuck's, some guy asked me if I was taking the yogurts that were expired.  I looked at him for a few seconds before reallizing what he was talking about.  I was wearing my white polo shirt and khaki's and he assumed I worked there.  If this was an isolated incident, I would have paid it no mind but I'd say it's happened ten times in the last three years.  Apparently I look pretty official when I'm dressed up.

The other repeat occurrence the blog title refers to is that another Goodreads author is sending me a free book to read and review.  If I'd known adding the disclaimer to my profile would result in free books, I would have done it years ago.


  1. I was in Canadian Tire and this lady was following me from aisle to aisle. It freaked me out a little and I tried to "get away from her". She came running around the corner and starts yelling at me for trying to avoid working... she literally went on for a good long while before I could interrupt and tell her I was NOT an employee - then she started to yell at me for dressing like one!
    Oh, people....

  2. It must be because we exude knowledge and helpfulness by our very presence.